Thursday, April 19, 2007

Crocodile Tears

One day, my cousin John and I were goofing around in the backseat of the car while our grandfather drove. I was ten years old, while John was a chubby eight. “Shut up!” Granddaddy suddenly barked, “And stop moving around back there!” I could tell that he was serious, but John giggled in mischief. “I said shut up!” Granddaddy warned once more, “Or I’ll give you a backhand knuckle-slap in the mouth!” John finally got the message and tried to behave. “Hmm,” I thought to myself, “I’ve never seen a backhand knuckle slap before.” Then I silently reached over and took some of John’s thigh between my index finger and thumb, pinching him as hard as I could, twisting and meanly digging my fingers into him. John tried to push my hand away, but I was too strong. Finally, he cried out; but before he could finish the first note, granddaddy -without looking- swung backwards and gave John a hard backhand-knuckle slap in the mouth. “I told you to shut up!” granddaddy yelled. John cried, holding his mouth as if he had lost a tooth, while I silently had a hard belly laugh, so hard that tears rolled down my cheeks.


jafabrit said...

oh! you are a bit of a stinker.

I once convinced my cousin that all the little round brown balls in the field were chocolate. Oh was his mother mad with me, but I got delicious satisfaction from making a horrid cousin eat rabbit poop. I know it was mean but hey I was only 4 years old and was sick of him doing mean things to me.

It was really cool to hear you tell the story too. You have a great blog.

claudia said...

hey that's really neat the way you have the audio attached to the posts. I likes, out of curiosity which is more energizing for you, the making of the audio or the writing? Which do you do first? Just curious on the process.

Flawed & Disorderly said...

Aw, I can hardly take your stories of little kids being hurt!