Friday, November 24, 2006

The Apocalypse Riders

In this dreams, a representative from another dimension came to notify our world leaders that our world end the following day. While the leaders listened, I saw a portal open, and a large burly man peered from the other side.

“I can’t wait to kill them all!” he said, speaking to someone I could not see. He resembled a viking warrior, very large, rough looking, and with whiskers. He became so eager, that he fell through to our side – almost as if someone pushed him. Then, approximately fifteen other men that resembled him followed him through.

The men then gathered themselves into a military formation and slowly began to march. They almost appeared calm, but I knew that they were only waiting for the signal to attack. As they marched passed me, I wondered how such a small group of men could possibly reach and defeat everyone on earth in one day. Then the portal opened again; wider this time, and four horseback riders came through.

The dark hooded robes they wore made them resemble reaper warriors. Ominous they were, as bladed weapons protruded from their flowing garments. Their bodies swayed hypnotically back and forth to the rhythm of the powerful black horses they rode on heavy battle-weathered armor. Solemnly, they moved with slow, purpose driven strides, as the wind then whispered their name, “apocalypse riders”, and an eager voice sang out from the portal, “This is going to be painful!”

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Hen House

“Come on. You can trust me,” she said – and I foolishly opened the gates. Once inside, she became like a Tasmanian devil, ripping out the lining of my heart and devouring secrets. I was the chicken that let in the fox; then watched as it ate my peers. She brushed against me on her way out; fangs dripping, full bellied, and arrogant. Lost trust doesn't easily grow back. Time passed, but not enough. Her belly grew empty and she came back with the same words. “Come on. You can trust me.” I must look like a fool.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Villains

Sometimes, while we are fleeing one villain, we stumble into another, one that is more calculating, sneaky, and unstable. This one is clever, how it clouds my thoughts with harsh words and stumps out my self-esteem. It is a love that has become my captor and a villain that knows my every secret. “Attack the heart and break the spirit!” it said, “He is vulnerable there!” Moreover, it offers, “Use my opinion of thee to measure thyself, that you are destined to fail in life because you are too dumb and ugly to change. It works to twist my loyalties, encouraging neglect and self-destructive habits. It knows that the best way to destroy me is to break my heart and then watch me self-destruct. “Fear is ever eager to replace confidence,” my angel then whispers, “Remember that I am with thee still and always.”

Friday, November 03, 2006

Something is Biting Me !!

It was spring break, and while my mother worked, we kids busied ourselves by roaming the new neighborhood and playing random games. Hide and seek was one of our favorites, and the house next door was vacant. That made it, what we thought to be, a perfect hiding place.

While Debra counted, Richard and I entered the vacant house and went inside the same closet.

“Hey! I was here first!” Richard complained.

“Be quiet,” I whispered, “It’s big enough for both of us… and she’s coming soon.” We tried to make ourselves comfortable, but Richard kept squirming. “Hey, stop moving around,” I complained.

He kept squirming.

“Something is biting me,” he said, “Stop touching me.”

“I’m not touching you.” However, I could feel it too. Something was crawling around. “I think something is in here. Be quiet,” I said.

The sound was faint, but definitely there, a distant scratching, but near, or the sound of raindrops striking a hillside. Whatever it was, it was with us inside the closet.

“What’s that sound?” Richard whispered.

“I don’t know,” I answered, cracking the door to let in some light.

“Hey… the walls are moving,” Richard said. I cracked the door further, until I could also see it.

Fleas were everywhere, like a dark blanket all over the walls and us. To say that chills ran up my spine would be an understatement. Richard and I burst from the closet and out of the house, out into the opening, patting ourselves down as Debra yelled in the background, “I see you!”