Thursday, January 24, 2008

Enter Alice

“I’m going to kill him!” echoed through the halls of her thoughts, as Alice flung the covers off of her and sprang from her bed. A stir had called her from her dreams; a dog’s bark, and a faint ruckus coming from Shade’s burn. Somehow she knew that it was Knuckles.

Alice had ended their relationship earlier that evening, and what better way to get under her skin, than to borrow her most prized possession. She knew that Knuckles had been planning a retreat into the wilderness. It’s where he was raised, and where -still- he sometimes go to fine peace. He would want to bring along a good horse.

In her bare feet, Alice stormed from her house, out onto the porch and immediately heard the galloping of hooves.

“Come back here!” she shouted into the night, but could hardly distinguish the fleeing dual from the shadowy background of the trees.

She then ran out into the yard, hoping that they would turn around. But such thoughts were not part of Knuckles’ plan.

Once they were out of Alice’s sight, and from atop Shade’s powerful back, Knuckles allowed her to slow to a comfortable trot.

Knuckles was gambling that Alice would not contact the authorities right away; that she was standing in her yard, staring into the darkness, and expecting him and Shade to appear from it—so that she could then scold him.

“By the time she realizes that we’re not returning just yet, it’ll be too late,” thought Knuckles, “We’ll be out of town; and I know just where to pick up some supplies.”