Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Source of Their Strength - I

Sometimes I forget how clever demons can be; their warm smiles and eyes that shed crocodile tears, how insincere they are, ever plotting for the advantage. No matter what they say, or do, they never forget their enemies, and I find myself bitter in their company, tormented by my own thoughts of them. “Must thee engage them in the dark?” my angel whispers, concerned that these thoughts clutter my mind. “Put them out - away from thee,” she says, “Show me thy mortal demons, that they may be undone by the light.” I gaze out the window; outside myself, and my concerns shrink. In the light, my thoughts are busied by good people moving about their day, the beauty of nature, and children at play. It is comforting – but my thoughts then drift back to the dark and the pain returns. “The source of thy pain is in thee,” the angel whispers, “Not in thy enemies. Put them out… and thy pain shall be undone.

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Sarah Gingrich said...

beautiful writing, fiction or no?