Friday, May 12, 2006

The Servant

Another disappointment pushes me ever closer to a decision, and she whispers, “What will you do?” I’m tired, and there is a lump rising in my throat. It feels good, these surges of emotions that remind me I’m alive, and the coolness that gathers in my eyes. I blink, and water rolls down my cheeks. No one can see; and how my spirit stands in silence at this fork in my journey. “It is time,” she whispers, “This one is yours.” In the past I have allowed others to decide for me. That is the coward’s way, and foolish to serve while thy own heart and spirit is in jeopardy. “Either path will bring pain,” she whispers, my guardian angel, my conscience, “Slow steady misery for yourself and others, or the ache of knowing that your path brings sorrow to another.” I don’t know what I’ll find down either path, destinations are unknown. I only know that my heart is heavy. Whom shall I serve?

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