Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bad Hiding Places

It would be my last time to play hide and seek. It began with us sitting on the bench outside the Laundromat, Richard, Tyron, and me. We were bored, and waiting for Tyron’s clothes to finish. I don’t recall whose idea it was. One moment we were watching the cars go by, and the next, Richard and I were looking for a place to hide while Tyron counted.

Something compelled me to look inside the Laundromat while I counted inside my head, fifteen…sixteen…seventeen. When my time was nearly up, I noticed an open door to one of the large dryers. Tyron will never find me in there, I thought. “Nineteen! Twenty! Ready or not, here I come!” Tyron yelled as I closed the door behind me.

The dryer immediately turned me upside down and dropped me on my head, flipping me repeatedly while punching me all over with its steel ridges, designed to toss clothes. It was blasting me with heat the entire time, and then it delivered a hard jab to my ribcage, knocking out what was left of my air. Yelling did not occur to me, only disorientation and wanting to get out.

Between the stars, flashing lights, and falling clothes, I caught glimpses of the round window, turning while I took my beating. Then the door opened. Tyron had heard the machine tossing me around. It threw me out; and I fell hard to the floor. It was still a relief to be outside.

“You’re it!” yelled Tyron, laughing.


flutter said...

Oh you poor thing....I hate to admit that I had to laugh

paisley said...

you totally make me laugh.... except when i remember the thing about the gun.... and the bullets!!!!!!!

Savvyology said...

Enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing this.

AVCR8TEUR said...

I didn't know a person can fit in one of those things. Feel claustrophobic?

Eugene said...

Very claustrophobic… especially when it starts spinning. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no --- not the dryer!!!!
You could have died in there!

I love your story telling, all these stories are great!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved it Gene! Hiding in a dryer! What kids don't think of! LOL! I definately will have to save some and buy the book! :) Stay safe in
HIS love. Katie