Friday, October 13, 2006

Desert Notes

I was looking through some old boxes and found the journal I kept during the Gulf War.

The pages called back many mixed feelings,
fond and not so fond

It reminds me of how my thoughts became more and more secretive as the weeks and months passed by.

So much so, that I began to write in codes.

In those months, I lost and then found myself.
Likewise, I found the meticulous keeping of these notes to be a needed outlet.

I am thankful that those days are behind me.


:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Wow. You have really neat writing. Did you make up your own code?

koukinobaaba said...

Quite a intresting picture of wooden block print presumably from Edo-period in Japan. It depicts catfishes and egg plants both of them begin with letter NA in Japanese like NAMAZU and NASU. I suppose it is one of NAMAZU-E, means catfish-pictures which were popular after big earthquake in Japan at that time.
People say NAMAZU or the catfishes devine the earthquake.