Monday, August 14, 2006

Eternity in Thee

Rockerbye in peace we slumber; thy silky wings caress. A moments clear then fleeing haste; in thee I am my best. Then wits they slip with courage fall, thy heart of love with none at all. We reach; we wait; we want – once more a soft lullaby.

Longing still these reaching thoughts and waters flow, we long to know not letting go. Thy tender calm embracing winds, a love of old begins again. We touch; we fall; we love – clarity and eternity in thee.

In earnest she whispers, “Self-preservation is indeed a master distracter; the root of cowardness and anchor from dreams. Only in its release may ye move forward and truly know what ye seek.” Her voice then softens; angel arms outreached, “Take my hand.”

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